“An Ark Of Love” by Zed1 in Russi, Italy

Brainchild of Zed1 and Bonobolabo , “An Ark Of Love” is an intervention made in Russi (RA) that deals with the idea of universal love.

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Lev Tolstoj wrote “Love prevents death. Love is life.” and in this time that we are currently living, in which everything seems to be overwhelmed by pride and brutality, perhaps the only thing that could save us would be an ark. On this utopian ark everyone loves without impositions, limits, and arrogance: the boundaries of stereotypes and violence are broken down and no one is judged. Noah’s Ark is revisited in a modern key that includes many nuances of the same love which connects all living beings on our planet. The selection of animals that have boarded the boat was not made only for the purpose of reproduction of the species, according to tradition, but from love’s point of view, which doesn’t follow rules.

Alligators hug walruses and cranes, a zebra kisses a cow, two lions with thick manes huddle together, two people weave their bodies, a rooster stares at a hen, while the red-dressed artist looks into the eyes of his pug, showing what love means to him.

On the Zed1’s Ark everything is possible, differences do not exist and are levelled out, the sea is rough, but no one is afraid of the waves because they are in the arms of their loved ones.

Scroll down below for more photos of the mural.

Text and translation by @benedettapezzii

Source: streetartnews.net

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