An Autonomous Snack Car is Making Its Rounds

It’s the convergence of three modern innovations: self-driving vehicles, temperature-controlled vending machines, and food delivery. Kyocera Communication Systems has launched an automated snack vending vehicle in Chiba City, Japan. The small automobile carries neither driver nor passengers, but machines full of hot and cold beverages and snacks such as candy and gelatin through the city that already loves the convenience of vending machines. So far, it is moving during business hours around shopping centers, office parks, and condominium complexes in Chiba City, ready to take your money via smartphone. The vending machine on wheels travels at nine miles an hour, and does not yet have a specified schedule, because you never know when a large crowd of people will want to get something to drink, and the little robot car will have to go restock. Read more about the innovative vending car and see more pictures at SoraNews24.  -via Fark

Source: neatorama

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