An E-Bicycle With Anti-Lock Brakes

You’re whizzing along on your e-bike, when some pedestrian jerk staring into a smartphone steps into the bike lane, or some parked jerk opens his door wide without looking. You crush the brakes in panic, the bike stops short and you go over the handlebars.

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To avoid this situation, Bosch developed an antilock brake system kit that installs below the handlebars of electric bikes back in 2016. Now Swiss manufacturer Stromer is rolling out their ST5 ABS e-bike, which can hit 28 MPH, with an ABS module integrated directly into the frame.

An electronic module tucked inside the top tube is connected to a speed sensor and actuator attached to the front wheel. Slam on the brakes, and the actuator pulses rather than locking up, just like with a car.

“The high speeds these bikes can reach, requires safe braking systems that are suitable for high-risk city environments,” writes Stromer partner Blubrake, who developed the system. “This safety measure has no impact whatsoever on design, maintaining the elegance and minimalism that identifies Stromer as the benchmark brand in the high-end S-Pedelec market.”

The $10,000 ST5 ABS is expected to roll out in June of 2021.

Source: core77

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