An Elevator That is Also an Office

When I saw the headline for the video, I expected that a company’s building was so crowded that someone got shifted into an elevator the way a new hire is sometimes assigned a closet for an office. But this was very deliberate, and honestly very cool. The building is the Baťa Skyscraper, in Zlín, Czechia. It was built in 1939, 16 stories of state-of-the-art architecture. The elevator office, built for the Bata Shoe company’s president, is the ultimate corner office, one that can move to any floor when he wants. Yes, it has plenty of room, and is equipped with electricity, phones, and running water!

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Alas, the history of the elevator office was complicated by the fact that it was completed in 1939 in Czechoslovakia. We are lucky that in 2023, the office is accessible because it is now part of the building’s museum, and Tom Scott went there to show it to us.

Source: neatorama

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