An Encounter with a Mummy from 2600 BC

When we disturb the tombs of ancient mummies, we fear a curse or worse, but we also forget that they were people of their time when they were alive. They had no concept of guns. Sure, you can’t kill a mummy, because they are already dead, but it can sure hurt them, and baffle them besides. This mummy has to recalibrate and ponder the possible technological innovations that have occurred since he was buried. But he’s still supernatural, otherwise he wouldn’t have known the date of his death was 2,600 BC. Think about it. While we marvel at the skill with which they preserved human remains so far back, they had nothing on modern morticians, not to mention plastinationists. When our civilization has ended and another arises, will they fear a resurrection of the bodies we leave behind? Probably not- they can just use their laser weapons.  

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You might recognize the rotoscope technique of Joel Haver in this video. Redditor WiiFitBalanceBoard, who made this video under the name Cool Giant at YouTube, says he made this after watching Haver’s animation tutorial. -via reddit

Source: neatorama

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