An Ergonomic Aid for Lifting Heavy Pots and Pans

If you are young and able-bodied, you can take the form factor of the frying pan for granted. But if you’ve ever injured your wrist or simply have hit a certain age, lifting a heavy cast-iron pan loaded with food becomes a wildly unergonomic, even painful, task.

For this reason a company called Kitchinventions designed the Pan Buddy, a two-piece contraption made of heat-resistant nylon.

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The first part slips over the handle of the pot or pan, loosely; the second part then screws down through the first part to make contact with the handle and hold everything fast. You can then lift the pan with a more ergonomic “handshake” alignment, easing the stress on your wrist. (As a bonus, it also obviates the need for additional heat protection from a cast-iron handle.)

I’d love it if the thing was more attractive, but it seems effective and is admittedly form follows function. They run $20 a pop.

Source: core77

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