An Expandable Flatpack Table with Sliding Key Joinery

This Flis table series is by Jonas Finkeldei, a Germany-based product designer and carpenter.

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The flatpack tables come in different sizes, and the joinery method is interesting: It appears to use some variant of dovetail keys to slide the pieces together. No tools necessary. Check out how it comes together:

“Flis is a modular, growing table system. The individual elements, such as table legs and table top as well as a frame element under the table, are available in various lengths and widths. This gives users the opportunity to design according to their needs.”

“Different table leg lengths allow for a repurposing of the usability. A dining table can be converted into a bar table or a coffee table into a desk. In the future, a concept for furniture rental is to be developed. It is planned to introduce bartering at the selling companies for table modules that are no longer needed, need repairs or an upgrade.”

“The children’s drawing table becomes a desk or the individual desk becomes an office landscape for the growing company. In this way, future needs can be better addressed and there is more certainty that the products and materials can be used in a circular manner in order to counteract waste and short-lived products.”

At this point it appears to be a concept, but I’ll be surprised if a furniture manufacturer doesn’t snap this up.

Source: core77

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