An Extensive Gallery of Strava Art

It’s been a few years since someone figured out you can create a picture by combining location tracking and an internet map, creating a genre called Strava Art. Fitness trackers show you where you’ve been and how far you’ve run or cycled. By planning a route, you can draw something really neat for internet points. We’ve seen few of these Strava Art images that go viral, but way more people do this than you ever realized. After all, runners and cyclists love a challenge more than anything, and this combines art with teh pohysical activity they were going to go through anyway. Gary Cordery has collected a ton of these Strava Art map images at his website Stravart.

You can look through images in different categories: people, plants, reptiles, cats & dogs, Christmas, fiction, words & numbers, etc. You can also submit yours, if this inspires you to make your own Strava Art. -via Boing Boing

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Source: neatorama

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