An Honest Trailer for <i>Ghostbusters: Afterlife</i>

Was Ghostbusters: Afterlife any good? Before we answer that question, be warned that this Honest Trailer has spoilers. Screen Junkies doesn’t think so, but they are in the business of picking apart every movie they encounter.  In this Honest Trailer, they lay out the evidence for their opinion of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, which has the same problem as every Ghostbusters sequel, remake, or reboot. It cannot recreate the magic of the first movie, so it relies on references to it. Okay, the secret to enjoying a sequel is to NOT compare it to the original, which is impossible for the Ghostbusters franchise. The franchise as a whole is a lesson in trying to catch lightning in a bottle. It’s a miracle that it happened once, but you’re not going to do it again. This is the fourth Ghostbusters movie, and the third to be a disappointment. -via Geeks Are Sexy

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Source: neatorama

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