An Incredibly Minimalist, Stackable Galvanized Stool

Brussels-based design collective Vormen (which means “forms” in Flemish) is made up of designers Edouard Devriendt, Jochen Schamelhout, Leon Duyck, and Emile Duyck. They designed this incredibly minimalist, and simply named, Stool:

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“A small stool is formed from a pressed metal plate to which the legs are welded. The concavity in the plate provides a more ergonomic and stable support for seating and directs the corners in which the legs stand.”

“The galvanized stool comes in two versions, one with square legs and another with round ones.”

These appear to be self-produced, and Vormen sells them on their site for €270 (USD $290).

Source: core77

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