An Indian Horror Story in Dance

A horror dance from an Indian reality show
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B Unique Crew is an Indian dance crew with three dancers and one genuine contortionist. They achieved notoriety with this horror dance on the Indian competition TV show Hunarbaaz: Desh ki shaan (Pride of the Country) a few years ago. They are using modified traditional dance moves to illustrate a classic story that was retold in the horror comedy movie Bhool Bhulaiyaa, just in case you want to check out the plot. The dance is replete with scary moves from the one guy who can turn his head completely backwards, so be warned.

The judges were properly horrified, but the act didn’t win. Since then, B Unique Crew has appeared on various version of the Got Talent franchise in different countries. See more of their dance routines at YouTube. If you dare. -via Digg

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