An Industrial Designer's Sketchbook Shirt

“I am literally ‘that guy’ who walks around New York City with a sketchbook,” writes industrial designer Kevin Banos, “constantly sketching and questioning my environment.”

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Banos favors the smaller Fields-Notes-sized sketchbooks, and wanted a practical shirt—something that could be worn to “interviews, client meetings and social outings”—that would ensure his sketchbook and a pen were always on-hand. Thus he teamed up with fellow designer Matthew Colon to create the Oxford-style Sketchbook Shirt:

“Made of 100% oxford cotton, averaging 28 stitches per inch, and featuring elegant mother of pearl buttons, this is one shirt I am proud to step out on the streets in,” Banos writes. “In case you are wondering: Yes, the guy modeling the shirt is me!”

The Sketchbook Shirt appears to be a one-off, with no production plans.

Source: core77

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