An Inflatable Roof Rack for Your Car

Here’s what I’ve found to be the pain points for roof racks, at least the one for my car:

1. It’s a pain-in-the-neck to install. It came with a little cheapie torque wrench that I’ve been meaning to buy a replacement for, but I already spent several hundred dollars on this roof rack; now I gotta buy another tool?

2. If you leave it on, it reduces your mileage and creates wind noise.

3. If you leave the rack off, but carry it around with you in case you need it, the bars take up a lot of space in the trunk.

This inflatable roof rack, designed by a London-based outdoor gear company called Ultix, is an interesting alternative that solves those problems. It might not be suitable for carrying construction materials, but I appreciate the outside-of-the-box thinking:

The USD $65 Ultix Tair Rack has already been successfully Kickstarted, and for those who want one, there’s still about a month left in the campaign.

With the surfboard example shown in the video, I’d still be wary of the spoiler/lifting effect. Speaking of which, do any of you have good tips for securing sheet-like things in a secure way?

Source: core77

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