An Insulated Hot/Cold Dual-Compartment Lunch Container

This is a highly specific use case: This Ellipse insulated “lunch pot” is for those who are bringing a meal with them, and want to keep part of it hot, or cold, alongside ingredients kept at a different temperature, to be eaten together.

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It’s by Dutch brand Mepal, which is something like the Tupperware of the Netherlands (both have been making food storage containers since the ’50s) except Mepal is still solvent.

The company says the dual-walled stainless steel portion will keep food hot for 6-8 hours and cold for up to 12.

You can of course accomplish what the Ellipse does by just carrying two different containers, but perhaps if you’re eating yogurt & muesli/soup & croutons/soup & salad every day, the convenience of a single object with two separate compartments makes sense. And I will say, for frequent soup-eaters (drinkers?), at the very least this looks easier to wash out than a thermos.

Source: core77

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