An Island of Wet Wipes Has Formed in the Thames

Ever since the debut of “flushable” wet wipes, they’ve been causing environmental problems. While they are designed to be flushed, and will not clog up a toilet, these wipes often cause problems downstream, where they absorb grease and oil and form “fatbergs” that clog up sewage systems. And even rivers. A mass of wet wipes has collected on the side of the river Thames in London, forming an island the size of two tennis courts. It’s so massive that, according to the Times, it has changed the course of the river.

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Many kinds of wet wipes contain plastic material, so even when they finally disintegrate, they can leave microplastics in the environment, affecting both wildlife and the water supply. Members of Parliament have urged residents not to flush wipes down the toilet, and they are considering a ban on wet wipes that contain plastic. Meanwhile, they are urging manufacturers to spell out more clearly how they should be disposed of. You can read more on this story at Business Insider. -via Fark

(Image credit: Edwardx)

Source: neatorama

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