An Online Radio Station That Plays The Sounds Of Nature

If you’re tired of the usual pop songs or lo-fi beats, maybe it’s time to listen to sounds from nature. It’s okay if you’re stuck in a major city, because this radio station brings you nature ASMR with a simple click to a website. is an online radio station for tree songs in stereo, as Open Culture details: 

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel. “is a tool that gives you instant access to the sounds of the world’s forests,” Beth Skwarecki writes at Lifehacker. Many of those sounds, like the forests that produced them, are endangered, not only from the usual suspects but also the noise pollution of highways and housing developments. Listen to forest songs on repeat or hit “listen to a random forest” and be “transported to Madagascar to listen to some lemurs, or to Ghana to hear some peacefully rushing water, or to Russia, where a bird I’ve never heard of puts on a vocal performance.” This is good medicine. Discover the forest songs that best soothe your nervous system or delight ears at

Image via wikimedia commons 

Source: neatorama

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