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Ever since its launch in 1998, the International Space Station, or the ISS, has served as a microgravity and space environment research laboratory for scientific research in various fields such as astrobiology, astronomy, physics, and others. But it seems that the ISS will not only be just a laboratory soon. It might also become a shooting location in the near future.

Estée Lauder, a multinational cosmetics company, has secured an out-of-this-world shooting location—the International Space Station.

A face cream called “Advanced Night Repair” will be part of the “first purely commercial activity in NASA’s new regime,” according to reporter Mark Harris, who broke the news in New Scientist.

Up to 10 bottles of the beauty product will be bundled into a cargo resupply run to the station this fall, so that NASA crew members can shoot videos and images with them in the microgravity environment.

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