An Overview of the Many McDonald's McFailures

McDonald’s is a fast food outlet, also called a restaurant, that is globally successful and has sold untold billions of hamburgers. Their real success is in expanding that chain and becoming the first fast food people think of. But like any successful corporation that has a long history, McDonald’s has experimented with expanding beyond its core mission. That’s happened over and over, and if Mickey D’s weren’t so big already, some of these projects could have spelled the end of the company.

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Yeah, you know about McDonald’s experimenting with the food, like the McPizza, the Arch Deluxe, and a burger with a slice of pineapple on it. But that’s just food. McDonald’s also tried out the McTrain, the McBarge, the McPlane, and the McUFO …and more. Read about these ventures into putting the McDonald’s name on something other than what they do best, and how each attempt gave them reason to stay in their lane, at Messy Nessy Chic. 

(Image credit: Aero Icarus)

Source: neatorama

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