An Underground Classic Car Rotunda, With Oculus

European architecture firm UNISM was hired to design a supergarage for classic Aston Martins, to be housed in a residential area in Warsaw. It seems that the available property space was inversely proportional to the client’s budget. That fact, combined with the 007 legacy of the brand, led to the decision to site the garage underground.

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“The cave-like space inspired by cinematic universe of James Bond holds a high-tech underground lair for an extraordinary private classic car collection of Aston Martins– the largest of its kind in eastern Europe.

“Hidden under a grassy knoll in one of the Warsaw’s leafy residential areas, a winding access ramp slithers into the subterranean car showroom, where curved walls add texture to this sophisticated showroom.

“Daylight flooding through a three-metre-wide skylight highlights the organic shape of the room, enhanced with a subtle lighting scheme creating a dusk-like glow which enhances the visitor experience.”

Features include a central turntable to ease parking, a movie screen that will allow the owner to watch movies from inside one of the vehicles, drive-in style, and an exhaust fume extraction system built into the floor.

And although the model in the rendering is seen taking the “stairs” in high heels…

…maybe she’d be better off taking the hidden elevator.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

If you’re interested in the engineering details (underground garage right next to a river?), engineering firm Arup runs down their solutions here.


Source: core77

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