An Unusual Measuring Cup Designed for Precise Dosing

This measuring cup, by Bavarian brand Robert Auer, has had more design thought put into it than meets the eye.

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The most obvious deviation from a standard design are the diagonal gradations; these are for applications when you’ve mixed a batch of something that needs to be doled out in specific quantities (i.e. batter going into a muffin tin, where it is desirable for each to hold precisely the same amount). The diagonal gradations, whose volume measurements increase as they travel downwards, allow you to calculate how much you’ve removed from the total mixture.

As for the non-obvious design features: The cup comes with a sealing lid that allows you store leftover batter without decanting it, and the soft-touch handle has been molded hollow all the way through, preventing water from accumulating while drying. That’s a small, nice touch that just prevents you from getting accidentally splashed as you remove it from a dishrack. Thoughtful design.

The 1-liter cup retails for €12.85 (USD $13.87).

Source: core77

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