An Unusual Stainless Steel Chair

This unusual Exxo chair, and the screws used to hold it together, are made from stainless steel.

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It’s by Swedish furniture designer David Ericsson. It makes me think of SUNRIU Design Studio’s Tai series of furniture, not because of any stylistic similarity, but because I think the Exxo would be a good candidate for incorporating decommissioned sheet metal, as the Tai series did.

I assumed it was just a concept, but on Ericsson’s website he’s also got this mirror-polished Exxo Lounge version, with a link to Swedish furniture brand Bebo Objects.

The link to Bebo seems to imply the chair is headed to production, but at press time it wasn’t on Bebo’s site, though it was featured on their Instagram.

I find it interesting how going from solid colored to mirror polished suddenly seems to confer objet d’esign legitimacy; perhaps that’s just my jaded conditioning.

Source: core77

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