Andrew B. Myers Animates Tiny Assemblages of Random Objects

Charming random objects meet synchronicity in a video choreographing the push and pull of gravity. In Moving Parts, disjointed pieces get organized to create a zen, meditative animated experience. The slow crescendo of the video brings together the dual visual markers of minimalistic design and oddball motion graphics with ease. The effect of a single freeze frame from the animation is like witnessing what a flea market haul or emptying out a pawn shop would look like.

The video’s creative is photographer Andrew B. Myers, whose prowess in animation and interest in what he describes as “Neo-futurism, outer space, and 20th century North America” are all evident in Moving Parts, which takes bits of aesthetic and tech-y aspects from the artist’s inspirations of Where’s Waldo?, Jacques Tati, and early web designs. Movement is one of the main facets of the video, often incorporating one component and adding another after the sequence has already played out for awhile.

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Myers explains, “[Moving Parts] aims to create an overall feeling of harmony among the disjointed and seemingly unrelated, reflecting the proximity and movement of different information in the modern digital world.”

Explore Andrew B. Myers’ animation work and artwork on his website here, and keep an eye on his Vimeo page here.


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