Andy Anderson Shows Off His Crazy Wisdom

When was the last time you were really impressed with a skateboard video? Pro skater Andy Anderson built a reputation for his wide repertoire of technical tricks (and for the fact that he always wears a helmet; common sense over coolness), but he doesn’t rest on his laurels. Anderson is always developing new routines that are ever more surprising and appear to break the laws of physics. His moves are a combination of balance, fancy footwork, and imagination, as you can see in his newest video titled Crazy Wisdom.

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Lest you be fooled by the way Anderson makes it look easy, there are some scary falls in the video just to prove that working out and then perfecting these stunts is honestly hard work. Still, some of it looks like it’s just everyday movement for Anderson after all these years, while other tricks are a triumph of effort. -via Metafilter

Source: neatorama

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