Another Beautiful Minimalist Trestle, This One Flatpack-able

Similar to the design we looked at yesterday from Lennart Ebert, this trestle from German industrial design consultancy Gerdesmeyer Krohn is minimalist and elegant.

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It has a key difference in the design, though; the center leg is on an unseen hinge that permits it to pivot in-line with the two outer legs, for storage or shipping, up to 25 degrees out-of-line for freestanding stability.

Hung is a foldable hall stand with a 3rd leg being movable from 0º to 25º. Foldable to ship it flat packed and to make moving unproblematic. Store many rails on small place. Puristic form mixed with a great technique and awesome colours to move your clothes into the spotlight.”


As for whether or not it’s going into production, the firm says only “More details coming soon.”

Source: core77

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