"Anti-Gluttony Door" Sized to Prevent Monks From Eating Too Much

The Alcobaça Monastery in Portugal features Gothic arches from its original construction in the 12th century, and Baroque towers added in the 18th century.

Image, left: Waugsberg. Image, right: Tolaakini

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Inside, however, you’ll find a peculiar doorway with a Romanesque arch.

Image: ViVilma

This “anti-gluttony” doorway, just 32cm (12.6″) wide, leads to the kitchen. According to Esquire:

“The monks were required to pass through the door to get their own food from the kitchen and bring it to the refectory to eat. If you couldn’t fit, you weren’t allowed to eat, which meant you were forced to fast until you lost the weight. Gluttony is a mortal sin, after all.”

Image: Inazumaryoku

Source: core77

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