Anti-Package-Theft Delivery Doors Now Being Built Into Homes

It was once common for homes in America to be designed with wall penetrations that were neither doors nor windows. Instead, these “milk doors” allowed milkmen to deliver bottles of fresh cow juice without leaving them in plain sight.

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With porch piracy now a persistent problem, it didn’t take a genius to see that a tweaked version of these would make a comeback. A company called MB Sentinel is advertising their Box Gobbler, an in-wall package receptacle with a keypad lock that promises to keep your packages safe.

The width of the package opening is advertised as 14″ wide, so I imagine the unit was designed to be installed between standard 16″-on-center wall studs, (making them easier to retrofit than say, framing out a new window). In the photo below, which is obviously of new construction, it looks to me like they’re using 2×6 studs and that the Box Gobbler is being installed between two that are 16″-on-center, and being framed next to what will be the front door.

Of course, framing one of these in isn’t the only thing required. In the video below, we can see–by absence, not inclusion–that there’s an additional consideration required: Building something on the inside of the house. As depicted below, the Box Gobbler simply opens into the garage, with the entire room in full sight. If this was my house, I’d build some sort of closet or enclosure to shield the interior from view.

For those who don’t have garages or who live behind gates, MB Sentinel also manufactures freestanding units that can be placed at the end of a driveway or integrated into a fence.

Some of these units can receive letters as well, through a smaller door in the top of the units.

The in-wall units start at $1,895, while the freestanding units are in the $4,000 range, not counting whatever you decide to clad it in (and I assume you must also pour a small concrete pad to anchor it to). That’s a lot of money, unless you’ve already had $4,000 worth of packages stolen from you, but I suppose what you’re really paying for is peace of mind.

I place these products in the category of “It’s a shame these exist, but I see why they must.”

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Source: core77

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