Apologizing Figurines of Japanese Giant Monsters

Released back in the year 2016 for the promotion of the new movie entitled “Shin-Godzilla”, these Kaiju (meaning “giant monsters”) figurines were sold as gachapon (meaning “vending-machine dispensed capsuled toys”) for ¥300 (around $2.68) each.

The art of the apology – it’s an integral part of Japanese culture that helps maintain balance and harmony in society. Combining that with kaiju figurines is this brilliant little set of toys that feature the likes of Godzilla and Mechagodzilla apologizing at a press conference, head hanging solemnly, for the destruction they’ve caused.

They included Godzilla apologizing for destructive vandalism (破壊行為), Mechagodzilla for imitation and copyright infringement (模倣行為) and King Gidra for aggressive invasion (侵略行為).

The said kaiju have been pulled out from the mainstream market, but enthusiasts can still buy them via secondary markets such as Amazon, but for a higher price, of course.

(Image Credit: Spoon & Tamago)

Source: neatorama

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