Apparently Dating A Ghost Is An Actual Thing

Gary DeNoiva has shared his story of dating a ghost named Lisa. The 35-year-old has been dating the ghost for almost three years. They “met” when DeNoiva was eating out alone, with the ghost coming up to him and suggesting the risotto. DeNoiva revealed that they also have a fun ritual on Valentines Day, as Oddee detailed: 

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We both think that going out on Valentine’s Day is overpriced and overrated. We have a tradition. The night we make popcorn and ice cream sundaes.”

“Then we watch our favorite movie, which ironically is Ghost. I know… we’re so corny. We can’t help it. Afterward, we make love on a bed of roses. The roses stay on the bed when we go to sleep, so we wake up to the smell of flowers. This year we’re getting kinky. We’re going to have our first threesome. Lisa has recently befriended a female spirit and I thought it would be fun to bring her over and spice things up. I’ve never had one before. Not even with two living women. I’m a little nervous, so needless to say there will be a lot of wine involved to loosen me up. Her only rule is she doesn’t want me kissing her friend Sadie, which I am totally okay with.”

DeNoiva also told Daily Star Online about things he does for her during the day. “I make her breakfast in bed. French toast is her favorite. I also leave notes hidden throughout our apartment for her to find while I’m at work. Romantic things, inside jokes, naughty talk. Basically, anything that will make her smile.”

image via Oddee

Source: neatorama

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