Apples Ranked by Taste and Other Factors

With the cost of food these days, you may be reluctant to try something new, lest it go to waste if you don’t like it. The internet is here to help! The website Apple Rankings rates 58 different variety of apples and ranks them on a 100-point scale. The factors that go into each rating are: taste, crispness, skin, flesh, juiciness, density, beauty, branding/consistency, and coat/availability. These factors are weighed equally except for taste, which counts twice a much as the other factors. You can look up your favorite apples, or a new variety you want to try, by name, or see the list of ranked apples here. Each apple has its own page with a complete breakdown of its qualities or lack of, plus additional information, links, and comments. This site makes it clear that I haven’t tried enough apple varieties, or else I don’t remember my impression of them.

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Apple Rankings is the brainchild of Brian Frange, a writer and comedian who is known for his rants about apples. With the website, he’s putting his money where his mouth is, both literally and figuratively. He is the one to blame if you don’t agree with his apple rankings. Also keep in mind he is a comedy writer. -via Boing Boing

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Source: neatorama

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