Aquascaping: The Art Of Aquarium Decoration

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James Findley is a professional aquascaper who uses water as a playground to create intricate mini worlds.  “You get attached to every scape that you planted,” said Findley. He compares aquascaping to painting: “An artist has to understand what happens when he puts his paint onto a canvas, that’s what I would equate [aquascaping] to. If you understand what’s gonna happen when you put plants into substrates and add CO2 & light (that comes with a little bit of experience), no more or less, we’re just artists with plants.” Findley, unlike some, prefers working with shallower tanks. This allows him to experiment with plant growth above the surface, placing the aquatic hardscape outside of traditional parameters. “Variety is one of the things I love about aquascaping and pushing the boundaries is what makes it so fun and exciting!”

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