Architect Uses CAD and Laser Cutter to Create 360-Degree Pop-Up Books

At some point, architect Yusuke Oono realized what all designers of spaces do: That he designs “not a specific shape, but a system of products.” Extrapolating on this, he applied the insight to creating a new sort of flipbook or pop-up book. Expressing that “Snow White’s entire story is not necessary” to appreciate or experience Snow White, Ooho “designed a new platform of expressing story, or a three-dimensional visual scene.”

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By working it out in CAD and employing a laser cutter, Oono creates 360-degree storybooks that depict a single scene that is both simple and visually dense, due to the amount of “frames,” at once.

Still photographs don’t do Oono’s books much justice, so here’s a video of stop-motion animator and flipbook enthusiast Andy Bailey giving you a taste of the experience:

Oono’s creations are available on Amazon.

Source: core77

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