Architect Who Designs Bridges Has a Fascinating Side Gig

For his day job, architect and computational designer Greg Blanpied designs bridges for a global engineering firm. But during his off-hours, the digital-fabrication-fluent Blanpied designs these much smaller structures made from laser-cut steel:

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Their function:

“I designed these candle holders to create a stereographic projection of the Flower of Life and Metatron’s cube, respectively,” Blanpied writes.

“A stereographic projection is a method of mapping geometry from spherical coordinates into planar coordinates. In this exploration, I transferred some of my favorite geometric shapes onto the surface of these candle holders in a way in which they would create a true stereographic projection when the flame reaches a 6″ height from the base. The candle holders are six inches in diameter, and hold a .75″ candle.”

Blanpied is selling the designs through a successfully-funded Kickstarter campaign, which at press time had 8 days remaining.

Source: core77

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