Architectural Illustrations by Henrique Folster

Minimalist architectural illustrations created by Henrique Folster for Idea!Zarvos.

Henrique Folster is an art director, graphic designer and illustrator who lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. He was hired to create a series of illustrations for Idea!Zarvos, an architecture and construction company specializing in buildings with a unique personality. In order to visualize it, Henrique Folster has created a series of seven architectural illustrations. Each graphic has been reduced to its essentials. The minimalist style reflects the vision of the architects. Furthermore, the chosen colors refer to the places where the buildings are located. Below you can find all seven pieces. For those of you who want to see more of Henrique’s creative work, please have a look at his website.

360 degrees.
360° – The uniqueness of a building recreated as illustration.
CORUJAS – reduced colors.
João Moura 1144
João Moura 1144 – simple graphic shapes.
Minimalist style
BOX 298 – minimalist style.
MIRÁ – illustrations with a minimalist graphic approach.
OKA – stacked levels.
SIMPATIA 236 – the simplicity of architecture.

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