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Vinyl vs MP3 vs Live

If you’ve ever talked to a vinyl purist (or are one yourself) you know that people can be pretty passionate about what format is king when it comes to music. And based on how much people like to brag about what band they saw live and how many times, we clearly value the authenticity of the live performance above all else. But when we see a performer live, we’re judging them based on what we know from the mp3 or record that we’ve already listened to 1000 times. . . because what is a song SUPPOSED to sound like anyway? As music has evolved from solely performance into “media”, the issue of what the most authentic even IS has become increasingly complicated. So which is the most authentic?!!?!? Watch the episode to find out!!!!!!!!!!

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Books mentioned:
Lisa Gitelman
“Scripts, Grooves, and Writing Machines:
Representing Technology in the Edison Era”

Stanley Godlovitch
Musical Performance:
A Philosophical Study


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