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Unless you’re new to the internet, you probably know that Tesla was an incredibly popular scientist and inventor who was WAY ahead of his time. But was he really the valiant underdog against the Goliath of Edison that we’ve come to know and understand? Despite what you may think, there are actually TWO Teslas – the meat and bones Tesla, who was born in 1856 and died in 1943, and then there’s the culturally created Tesla. Neither is wrong, but all this starts making us question: what even IS “history”? Watch the episode and find out!

The Oatmeal: Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived:
Epic Rap Battles of History: Nik Telsa vs. Thomas Edison
Drunk History: Nikola Tesla
The History of Nikola Tesla – a Short Story
Tesla vs Edison – Christmas Lightning
Philosophy Tube
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Links to the awesome Tesla Fan Art seen in this episode:



“Europe” by Roglok (
“Carry on Carillon” by Roglok (
“Bouncy Castle” by Roglok (
“:P” by Roglok (
“Squarehead” by Roglok (
Clockwork – Titan (geometry remix)


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