Are You Choosing The Right Environment-Friendly Phone?

In a time where we are getting more driven to preserve and protect the environment, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint, one action at a time. Using gadgets consume the environment’s resources, and some can do lasting damage to the planet. So what can we do, as consumers, to protect the environment and get to use a smartphone as well? Grist shares their tips on how to pick a environment-friendly phone. If we want to reduce our carbon footprint from using gadgets, the trick is to pick a phone that will use as long as possible: 

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No two-year upgrade, no succumbing to the shiny new release, no giving up as soon as the screen is cracked. To that end, you also want to look for items you can fix when something goes wrong with them. A phone with glass on both sides is twice as likely to crack. A used phone or refurbished phone is going to be more eco-conscious than a new one, for obvious reasons. And a phone with a more efficient battery won’t need that battery replaced as often — assuming you can replace it.

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