art for your ear : putting a bow on 2019

Welcome to a little bonus mid-holiday episode of ART FOR YOUR EAR! Listen right up there under the sparkly 2019, or subscribe on iTunes. Here’s a peek at a few of the things I talked about during this mini-sode.

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First, in early March of 2019, my 100 year old basement was transformed into a home studio:

Oh, “Broad Maude”. There we are, working together in perfect harmony. Isn’t she lovely?

Next, a look at my latest series. These are the first in what I hope becomes a looooong project filled with some really giant pieces… hm, I’m going to need a LOT more costume jewelry:

Ahhhh, I love them so much. And did you spot Liz in there? She made it in by way of a Canadian penny! FYI, the gold tape on the bottom is where the name plates will go {they’re currently at the engravers}.

And finally ~ drum roll please ~ THE GIVE-AWAY:

A tote and two signed books, all of which celebrate female artists, both past and present! If you’d like a chance to enter, just leave a comment below, and on January 1, 2020 I will draw one name as the winner of the whole bundle. Anyone from anywhere can enter. Thanks so much for listening to ART FOR YOUR EAR again in 2019. I’m so happy it’s back, and I’m so thrilled that my new co-hosts agreed to be co-hosts! All of their links are below. Also, GIGANTIC thanks to THRIVE  for supporting the new version of the podcast. They are my people, and have been ridiculously amazing to me during this past year of ups and downs. Thanks, ladies. xo

And with that, I will say bye-bye to 2019. See you in 2020. ~ Love Danielle

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ps. See, my 2020 list really is underway:

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