Art Parkour

Surprisingly, this is a thing. Berlin-based artist Klara Liden climbs and contorts her body over some scaffolding as the camera rotates around to capture her movements. The whole unexpected crossover between art and parkour is still new to me, but somehow Liden mashes the two different worlds together for her exhibition in London called Turn Me On. Check out Art Review’s description of her exhibition: 

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It’s a repetitive, strained bunch of movements Liden puts herself through, an interminable scaling of the carapace of some unnamed city. And the urban environment, its hidden grimy bits especially, are the sooty stars of this show. You’re greeted downstairs by three enormous glowing, floating oil tanks: big, plastic, flesh-coloured containers with a hole right through the middle, like the bellybuttons of concrete giants.

Upstairs you find a row of dirt-encrusted, graffitied junction boxes, plastic housing for a city’s wires and fuses. This is urbanity’s electric pulse, its high voltage heartbeat. Each is covered with the symbols of the street it once lived on: football stickers, the rushed tags of local gangs, the mould of damp weather, the accumulated grey smudge of pollution. The pollution and mould are the best things about the works: all those years of cars chugging by, of buses and taxis and cigarette smoke, inscribed darkly on the once pristine plastic of the boxes. It’s urban history in filth.

Image via Art Review 

Source: neatorama

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