.ART Wants Artists to Thrive in Digital Chaos

“SKALAR” light installation by Christopher Bauder and Kangding Ray. Photo by Ralph Larmann

Since its inception, the internet has offered its users new instruments on a regular basis. Today, most of us are juggling dozens of social and media platforms, hoping that they will provide maximum exposure to our ideas and endeavors. Yet this buffet of options has had the opposite effect, creating a glut of digital white noise that sucks up attention and traffic.

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It’s time to consolidate your digital assets with .ART.

As a fast-growing domain zone for creatives, we decided to investigate how our community of 200,000+ is taking on the challenge of existing in a chaotic online world. We learned that many .ART website owners believe that to persevere in such times, artists need to focus on core values, personal projects, and a clearly-presented image of oneself.

Choosing a .ART domain name allows artists and creatives to stay relevant and recognized while leaving open endless possibilities. A website on .ART can be anything: an online portfolio, a point of entry for all your social media accounts, or a revenue-generating marketplace.

Hear from four artists on how .ART has helped them establish a strong digital identity.


Steve Miller is a multimedia artist who makes paintings, screenprints, artist books, and sculptures. Through his art, he explores the influence of science and technology on modern culture.

“I wanted to create a new notion of what my artist website is going to be. stevemiller.art creates a new kind of excitement, and within that, you can now own the freedom to create something new.” —Steve Miller


Hilbrand Bos is a fashion illustrator, designer, and musician who lives in Amsterdam, has a few National Geographic covers under his belt, and is currently working on a cartoon project with Universal Studios. His website is a gallery in its own right–full of animated GIFs and rough sketches of his work, it makes one scroll to see more and get a deeper understanding of the artist’s interests and skill. Image courtesy of the artist

“I chose a .ART domain because it looks nice and because hilbrandbos.art contains only what it should—the two things that I have to offer—my personality and my art.” —Hilbrand Bos


Shen Wei is a Chinese-American choreographer, painter, and director who resides in New York City. Widely recognized for his vision of an intercultural and interdisciplinary mode of movement-based performance, Shen Wei creates original works that employ an assortment of media elements, including dance, painting, sound, sculpture, theatre, and video.

“People who go to .ART have the same passion about life through art.” —Shen Wei


Created by light artist Christopher Bauder and musician Kangding Ray, the large-scale art installation “SKALAR” explores the complex impact of light and sound on human perception. Photo by Ralph Larmann

“.ART is descriptive and short. One can quickly identify the respective genre and its contents. It’s immediately clear that any website within this domain zone is related to art, so the viewer has a clear understanding what works they’ll find within it. I think a .ART domain is the perfect solution to display art-related content on the web.” —Christopher Bauder

To explore domain options, visit get.art or check with your registrar.

Source: thisiscolossal.com

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