.ART Wants Artists to Thrive in Digital Chaos

Since its inception, the internet has offered its users new instruments on a regular basis. Today, most of us are juggling dozens of social and media platforms, hoping that they will provide maximum exposure to our ideas and endeavors. Yet this buffet of options has had the opposite effect, creating a glut of digital white noise that sucks up attention and traffic.

It’s time to consolidate your digital assets with .ART.

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In honor of UNSECO’s World Art Day on April 15, .ART, the fast-growing domain zone for creatives, decided to take a look at how its community is taking on the challenge of existing in a chaotic digital world. We learned that many of these website owners believe that to persevere in such times, artists need to focus on core values, personal projects, and a clearly-presented image of oneself, which nowadays is made possible with a strong digital identity.

Choosing a .ART domain name allows artists and creatives to stay relevant and recognized while leaving open endless possibilities. A website on .ART can be anything: an online portfolio, a point of entry for all your social media accounts, or a revenue-generating marketplace. Artists like Shantell Martin (shantellmartin.art), Ian Berry (ianberry.art), and Shen Wei (shenwei.art) have all been using a .ART domain for a long time and continue to benefit from its services.

Kristy Glas, “The Skies Between Worlds” (2022)

.ART websites offer a reassuring sense of security in times of censorship, with owners being the only ones to decide their site’s content. A home to innovation, .ART encourages the merging of art, tech, and finance. Crypto initiatives are a great example of such a marriage, with NFTs potentially bringing a revenue stream to participating artists. .ART is thrilled to see in its community NFT marketplaces such as async.art and meta.art, liquidity pool all.art, the collaborative community with integrated blockchain option dada.art, the blockchain-based art gallery snark.art, and digital artists like xcopy.art and Pak, who has an ongoing project on burn.art.

To explore domain options, visit get.art or check with your registrar.

Pak “Metanoia” (2019). Check out Pak’s ongoing .art NFT project at burn.art.

Source: Hyperallergic.com

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