Artemide's Disinfecting UV Lights

Integralis, developed by Artemide, is a disinfecting UV light combined with sensors that detect if humans are nearby or not. Incorporated into a variety of Artemide fixtures, the UV apparently kicks on when humans are absent (i.e. overnight) to disinfect line-of-sight surfaces, killing pesky pathogens (and presumably COVID, though that word doesn’t appear in the copy).

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“INTEGRALIS generates UV light that acts against pathogenic microorganisms, such as viruses, without harming the space and individuals surrounding the emission. What’s more, the technology’s use of UV light inhibits the development and growth of bacteria, fungi, and mold.

“In museums, hotels, offices, hospitals, and retail shops, the dosage can be adapted to perform an emission frequency that best accommodates the cadence of visitors. In small spaces, such as service areas, elevators, and waiting rooms, intermittent sanitization is available; presence sensors, which are controlled by the Artemide App, activate to help to manage safety and intensity.”

What we expect to see next: As admission of COVID aerosol transmission finally sinks in, a line of designey personal (wearable)? air purifiers will surely come to market.

Source: core77

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