Artificial Intelligence Knows Nothing of Dogs and Cats

Warning: this video may be nightmare-inducing. Or you might just find it hilarious. We know artificial intelligence algorithms are pretty good for writing an essay, or at least ChatGPT is, Midjourney can construct an illustration for you, and some recent videos show that an algorithm can be rather good at dressing movie characters in Balenciaga fashions or mashing up Wes Anderson movies. But it doesn’t do all that well recreating real living animals moving as animals should. I don’t know what program was used to make this video of dogs, but the producer should ask for his money back.   

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From a different YouTuber, here’s a cat video generated by an algorithm. It’s just as disturbing.

I couldn’t post these videos on Supa Fluffy, because people go there to watch real-life cute animals and feel good about it. But you were warned. -via Nag on the Lake

Source: neatorama

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