Artist creates commissioned paintings using watercolor and the final results are simply lovely

Renee Pulve is a graphic designer and artist from California who recently started commissioned painting services. In the photos below, we can see how her process works. Each of these paintings is for different clients or purposes, but we can appreciate the technique and color palette similarities for them.

The first photo features a monstera leaf using watercolor, which was created for a tropical planner. The second photo shows a favorite of the artist herself. You can purchase this flamingo creation on Minted. Next, we see a simple pineapple subject. Pulve admits that there is some difficulty drawing and painting leaves while maintaining some dimension in the end. Finally, there is a pretty seahorse painting, where Pulve used masking fluid to create a degree of texture. Brighter paints were used to bring life to the creature’s face, fin, and tail.

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Check out more of Pulve’s work on Dribble or on her website.



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