Artist Crochets Life-Size Replica Of Woman Walking Her Dog

When we think of sculptures, plaster, cement and clay usually come to mind. Yarn though? Not so much! Artist Liisa Hietanen attempts to redefine art by crocheting a life sized sculpture of a local woman walking her dog!

Hietanen uses her artistic techniques—particularly the monotonous acts of knitting and crocheting—as a form of thinking. “[The approaches are] continuous and present and allows a portrait to slowly find its character,” she writes in an artist statement. When complete, the figures symbolize shared experience, even among acquaintances. “I meet the same familiar strangers every day on the street and our common world is the size of a small village. I am depicting the present moment by portraying my own surroundings, but at the same time I am bringing out something common to us all.”

The artist is known to create life size sculptures in her local community and on Instagram!

Image Credits: Instagram / sewandsouk

Source: neatorama

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