Artist shares work on potential Harry Potter magazine cover

Abi Daniel, an artist based in Texas, is sharing some previews for her work that may end up in a “potential” and “future” Harry Potter magazine. Fans of the franchise will fall in love with these pieces – and not just because of the context (Expecto Patronum!) but also since they are just exquisite paintings. Daniel used watercolor on the pieces and was given the suggestion of adapting the particular scene (when Harry conjured a stag Patronus using the Time Turner). Incidentally, she had already been thinking of the same scene even before they suggested it to her – so she naturally got on board right away.

She loves watercolor. However, she admits that she made a pre-paint composition prior to making sure there are no necessary paint-overs or take-backs during the process. You can see her works on Instagram. She also has her own website for her art.

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