Artist uses fastfood paper bags to send a message to viewers

Don’t we all like it when artists are witty enough to use their craft to send a message? In his project Notice-Forest (What Victory Tastes Like) in 2012, Okinawa-born artist Yuken Teruya sent quite a message using mainly fast-food paper bags. This New York-based artist started this Notice-Forest movement in 2005. On his website, he explained: “In my Notice-Forest series, a tree stands inside either paper bags or shopping bags. While it seems like the bag is holding the fragile tree inside, the bag actually combines with the tension of the tree to hold the bag up. It is a microcosm of the initial tree’s strength. The trees are “portraits,” with each referencing a specific, existing tree from a photograph.” It’s noticeable how Teruya uses commonplace materials to make his art relatable. His intention is to remind his viewers to slow down from their busy lives to experience and appreciate even the little things. This artist has a lot of other interesting works on his website. You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


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