Artist uses Google Earth to capture breathtaking images

Using the technology of Google Earth, Meike Nixdorf has created a series of beautiful images of landscapes that look like postcards.

The project attempts to depict the earth’s crust as a transient form, that is constantly in flux.

After using the technology for a project several years ago, Nixdorf returned to find both popular destinations, like the Alps, along with lesser-known sites she finds beautiful. For the project “Your Earth Transforms”, she circled around the sites, sort of like she was flying, in order to locate the best and most striking perspective. Then, she worked with retoucher Grit Hackenberg to amp up the colors and textures in the image,

“I like it when the viewer thinks this is a real photograph and only gets the idea of a rendered image at a second glance.” she told Wired.

For more of her work, visit her website.



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