Artist uses pop-culture to put a new spin on stained glass

For Joe Long, it all started with the idea of a Frankenstein of glass. Since then, Joe Long. an artist residing in Baltimore, Maryland, hasn’t stopped following his heart. That is the reason why he is not open to commissions – he is only willing to work on what he feels passionate about.

Whatever his nerdy muses inspire him to do, that’s what he will create. To see more of his fandom related work, check his FacebookDeviantArt, Instagram,  or visit his Etsy store to adorn your house with some fancy geekiness.

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3d_glass_triforce_by_grandapok-d629yl1 auryn_by_grandapok batman_logo_variation_2_by_grandapok-d5d1xti deathly_hallows_suncatcher_by_joemakesglass-d808ss3 gryffindor_house_glass_panel__variation__by_grandapok-d5mrp5t one_up_mushroom_by_joemakesglass-d82aczo r2d2_by_grandapok-d5j9z0i starfleet_suncatcher_variation_by_grandapok-d5mrpe7 triforce_by_grandapok


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