Artmossphere 2018 Biennale Artists Open Call

the good people from Artmossphere has announced an open call for artists from all over the world.

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You can until June 24th send your custom applications that will be reviewed by an international jury of experts. The selected artists will then be flown over to Moscow, Russia to create their artworks.

To take part in the year’s biennale, You should submit your portfolio and your project for the biennale before 24th of June. Your project has to be created exclusively for Artmossphere 2018 as works that have been featured or exhibited prior in another location will not be accepted. Click here for more details.

The theme of this year’s event is “Offline” and you can send your submission until June 24th to [email protected]

It reflects the current situation when people are getting tired of a gradually growing information flow and wish to limit their use of the Web due to an urgent inner need. All the hype about constantly being online, in a hurry, afraid to miss another trend, some hot news, or notification have been causing an increase in information noise and stress level, as well as making people watch others’ ideal lives depressed. That’s why for a few years already there’s been a trend of growing interest towards everything local, authentic and autonomous, a swing back from globalisation. This trend is focused on site specific art and working with local context rather than with a digital standardized one. It’s closely followed by an interest in low tech, DIY culture, crafts, and the use of recycled materials.

‘Offline’ shows weariness of information technologies that have failed to meet our expectations; social networks from being a worldwide means of emancipation and revolutionary self-organisation has become an aggregator of personal information which is being used by intelligent agencies and is being sold to corporations and marketing experts. Though now we can be in touch with the whole world all the time, these new technologies haven’t improved our relations with each other; today people sitting at the same table can ignore each other completely because they are absorbed in their gadgets.

This situation has also affected street art, which is increasingly becoming digital-oriented. Back in the day, to get famous, artists had to paint in the streets as much as possible. However, today you can just make one work, post it on Instagram, and have a lot of people see it. So many street artists create their works keeping in mind how they will look on screen, which sometimes makes the skill and hard work look less important.
Curators of the biennale offer the artists to ponder on this theme, finding their own interpretations and ideas.

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