As Bald Eagle Populations Surge, Owners of Small Dogs Turn to Armored Vests for Protection

To you, the puppy above is cute. To the bald eagle, it’s a snack. That’s a problem because bald eagle populations have surged in recent years due to conversation efforts, as well the generalized awesomeness of the country that the bald eagle represents. To improve their dogs’ chances of staying safe from hungry bald eagles, some owners dress their dogs in armored vests, such as the CoyoteVest pictured above. The Wall Street Journal (sorry, it’s paywalled) reports:

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“Eagles are strong enough to carry a 12-pound salmon, so a four-pound dog is nothing,” says Mark Robokoff, owner of AK Bark pet shop in Anchorage. His shop sells CoyoteVest, a protective jacket covered in Kevlar and spikes, intended to protect small pets from coyotes. Mr. Robokoff immediately recognized its potential in a state with an estimated 30,000 bald eagles. The vest is topped with bright red nylon whiskers that he says scare off the birds from above.

-via Super Punch | Photo: CoyoteVest

Source: neatorama

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